Monday To-Do's

{via Lonny}
Oooh boy. Another cold, rainy Monday. Spring sure is taking it's sweet time this year. Here's what will be keeping me busy this week while I patiently wait for some sunshine...

Fresh Start

Hi there! I've been away for so long I sort of forget how it feels to write here. It's been a very busy couple of weeks but I've achieved an important career milestone during my hiatus from blogging, so it was time well spent!  Now, to get back to it >>>

Sometimes we all need a fresh start. Winter can take a lot out of you, especially if you live in the Northeast, so the first days of Spring are always a welcome change. What's my favorite thing about springtime, you ask? Spring CLEANING of course. To me, the best part about the first few days of warm weather is that urge to spruce up your life for all those sunny days ahead. I usually like to take a Saturday to really give the apartment a deep clean: windowsills, floors, oven, all those little places that have gone overlooked all winter; maybe even a little furniture rearranging (if there's time! do you think there will be time?!).

After the deep clean is finished, its always fun to liven up the place with a few "fresh" additions. Here are my Springtime apartment must-haves: