The Perfect Plates

{via West Elm}
Although I lived in an apartment for a year in Stamford, CT before moving to NYC, I always felt that the space was just this transitional place, and never bothered with putting any roots down or trying to really make the apartment feel homey. At the time I was also still a full-time student, so without a steady income it was hard to justify spending money on furniture or accessories.

Since moving to NYC, my roommate and I have slowly been replacing hand-me-down furniture and mismatched dishware, to create what feels like a real home. And what feels more like home than a good home-cooked meal on some fab matching dishes? We have a variety of mixed dish sets that are pretty much on their last leg (which is ok, since they were given to us fo' free). But when I popped in to West Elm last weekend and saw their dishwares on sale, I couldn't help myself. These Mick Haigh Bowls didn't come with matching dishes, but for $4.95 each, who could pass them up? What's up next for our kitchen? Something like these might be nice....

Monday To-Do's

As an avid runner since my high school days, I was devastated to see the tragic events that unfolded today at the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of competition in the sport of long-distance running, and a remarkable accomplishment for both elite and novice runners alike. What should have been a day of celebrating so many runners' tremendous hard work and great achievement was marred by a sad, senseless crime. Although everyone I know who ran and watched the race today made it out unharmed, my heart aches for the many spectators and runners who were not so lucky. Having finished a half marathon this weekend in Central Park, this felt especially real and scary. I hope that in the days and weeks to come, we will see some good come from this heartbreaking day.

I think it is safe to say that all of our hearts and prayers are in Boston tonight.


Although Monday is almost over, I always say it's never too late for a list. Do I actually say that? Not really... but here's a quick look at what's been keeping me so busy and what I'll be prioritizing this week. This week I need to....

Financial Organization

{via Ladies & Gentlemen Studio}

It must be the thrill of the April 15th deadline (believe me, if you were a tax accountant, you'd think it's thrilling too) that got me thinking about financial organization. Tax season nudges everyone into taking a look at the changes in their financial position over the last year. Although my net worth is solidly negative at this point -thank youuuu, student loans- I still keep a very close eye on my financial situation and try to save as much as possible while making payments, oh, and having fun! Whether Uncle Sam cuts you a check this April or not, here some easy ways to make the next year a healthy one for your wallet....

Home Sweet Home

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Taking a trip home to my parents' house is always a treasure trove of organizing projects. I'm not sure where my cousin and I inherited the organizing gene, but it probably wasn't from my Mom. Our house is rarely anything but spotless, but it's comprehensive organization that's lacking. A spare bedroom closet can house everything from kitchen appliances to stacks of DVDs, and you can find a box of pasta in almost every kitchen cabinet.

It seems lately that each time I come home I find a new little project to tackle. It's great for my parents, and I get paid in home-cooked meals, so is there really any downside? This weekend it was the linen closet.