Feeling Inspired

I'm feeling inspired to blog a bit tonight (and it's not just because I've been away so long)! I keep assuring myself that I will have more time for this self-described 'creative outlet' once I finish up my test, and you know what? I'm getting closer :).

Here are a few photos to inspire me to make organizing a priority again as I shelve the books and calculator for a few months. Courtesy of Caroline at Organized Simplicity's Pinterest boards!

The Perfect Plates

{via West Elm}
Although I lived in an apartment for a year in Stamford, CT before moving to NYC, I always felt that the space was just this transitional place, and never bothered with putting any roots down or trying to really make the apartment feel homey. At the time I was also still a full-time student, so without a steady income it was hard to justify spending money on furniture or accessories.

Since moving to NYC, my roommate and I have slowly been replacing hand-me-down furniture and mismatched dishware, to create what feels like a real home. And what feels more like home than a good home-cooked meal on some fab matching dishes? We have a variety of mixed dish sets that are pretty much on their last leg (which is ok, since they were given to us fo' free). But when I popped in to West Elm last weekend and saw their dishwares on sale, I couldn't help myself. These Mick Haigh Bowls didn't come with matching dishes, but for $4.95 each, who could pass them up? What's up next for our kitchen? Something like these might be nice....

Monday To-Do's

As an avid runner since my high school days, I was devastated to see the tragic events that unfolded today at the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is the pinnacle of competition in the sport of long-distance running, and a remarkable accomplishment for both elite and novice runners alike. What should have been a day of celebrating so many runners' tremendous hard work and great achievement was marred by a sad, senseless crime. Although everyone I know who ran and watched the race today made it out unharmed, my heart aches for the many spectators and runners who were not so lucky. Having finished a half marathon this weekend in Central Park, this felt especially real and scary. I hope that in the days and weeks to come, we will see some good come from this heartbreaking day.

I think it is safe to say that all of our hearts and prayers are in Boston tonight.


Although Monday is almost over, I always say it's never too late for a list. Do I actually say that? Not really... but here's a quick look at what's been keeping me so busy and what I'll be prioritizing this week. This week I need to....

Financial Organization

{via Ladies & Gentlemen Studio}

It must be the thrill of the April 15th deadline (believe me, if you were a tax accountant, you'd think it's thrilling too) that got me thinking about financial organization. Tax season nudges everyone into taking a look at the changes in their financial position over the last year. Although my net worth is solidly negative at this point -thank youuuu, student loans- I still keep a very close eye on my financial situation and try to save as much as possible while making payments, oh, and having fun! Whether Uncle Sam cuts you a check this April or not, here some easy ways to make the next year a healthy one for your wallet....

Home Sweet Home

{via Houzz}

Taking a trip home to my parents' house is always a treasure trove of organizing projects. I'm not sure where my cousin and I inherited the organizing gene, but it probably wasn't from my Mom. Our house is rarely anything but spotless, but it's comprehensive organization that's lacking. A spare bedroom closet can house everything from kitchen appliances to stacks of DVDs, and you can find a box of pasta in almost every kitchen cabinet.

It seems lately that each time I come home I find a new little project to tackle. It's great for my parents, and I get paid in home-cooked meals, so is there really any downside? This weekend it was the linen closet.

Monday To-Do's

{via Lonny}
Oooh boy. Another cold, rainy Monday. Spring sure is taking it's sweet time this year. Here's what will be keeping me busy this week while I patiently wait for some sunshine...

Fresh Start

Hi there! I've been away for so long I sort of forget how it feels to write here. It's been a very busy couple of weeks but I've achieved an important career milestone during my hiatus from blogging, so it was time well spent!  Now, to get back to it >>>

Sometimes we all need a fresh start. Winter can take a lot out of you, especially if you live in the Northeast, so the first days of Spring are always a welcome change. What's my favorite thing about springtime, you ask? Spring CLEANING of course. To me, the best part about the first few days of warm weather is that urge to spruce up your life for all those sunny days ahead. I usually like to take a Saturday to really give the apartment a deep clean: windowsills, floors, oven, all those little places that have gone overlooked all winter; maybe even a little furniture rearranging (if there's time! do you think there will be time?!).

After the deep clean is finished, its always fun to liven up the place with a few "fresh" additions. Here are my Springtime apartment must-haves: