Financial Organization

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It must be the thrill of the April 15th deadline (believe me, if you were a tax accountant, you'd think it's thrilling too) that got me thinking about financial organization. Tax season nudges everyone into taking a look at the changes in their financial position over the last year. Although my net worth is solidly negative at this point -thank youuuu, student loans- I still keep a very close eye on my financial situation and try to save as much as possible while making payments, oh, and having fun! Whether Uncle Sam cuts you a check this April or not, here some easy ways to make the next year a healthy one for your wallet....

+ Keep track - the accounting nerd in me likes using a spreadsheet to keep track of my credit cards and debt. I think using one makes it easier to see the big picture. It helps me to easily see which payments are coming up and budget my payments over several months to pay off large balances. Until I really sat down and mapped out what I owed and when I owed it, I really didn't have a clear picture on how to save what money was leftover.

+ If you aren't into tracking everything on your own, websites like Mint can help you map out and link all your financial accounts - 401k, savings, checking, etc. They categorize your spending and expenses and keep track of trends in your financial info. Based on all of that, they can also set you up with a pretty sweet budget.

+ Monitor- check your credit score at least once a year. There are plenty of free sites you can use now a days or you can pay a small fee to have an agency keep an eye on your credit all year. Knowing your credit score helps you know how lenders see you, and the areas you can improve. Also, don't worry- checking your own credit score won't negatively affect your score!

+ Plan - have you started planning for retirement? Ask any  financial expert and they will tell you that starting to save for retirement from day one is the best way to set yourself up for the future. Even if it's only a little bit, start socking away some money now and let it grow.

There's so much to be gained by having a good handle on your finances. Most notably: more of those finances. Happy Tax Day! $$


  1. great tip! That mint website is such a great suggestions! thanks for sharing

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