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Taking a trip home to my parents' house is always a treasure trove of organizing projects. I'm not sure where my cousin and I inherited the organizing gene, but it probably wasn't from my Mom. Our house is rarely anything but spotless, but it's comprehensive organization that's lacking. A spare bedroom closet can house everything from kitchen appliances to stacks of DVDs, and you can find a box of pasta in almost every kitchen cabinet.

It seems lately that each time I come home I find a new little project to tackle. It's great for my parents, and I get paid in home-cooked meals, so is there really any downside? This weekend it was the linen closet.
Although I failed to take any before and after shots (a new camera keeps inching it's way up my must-haves list...) I thought I would share a few tips on the often overlooked linen closet & how to keep it in line...

+ Assess - how many people/bedrooms are in your home? Keep an appropriate number of sheet and towel sets to accommodate your family and any guests, but don't go overboard.  My Mom's downfall seemed to be her affinity for new towel sets...

+ Separation - designate a section of the closet for bathroom linens and another for bedroom linens. Keep full sets together so you don't have to go hunting for that matching fitted sheet the next time you have a guest.

+ Extra Storage - invest in some baskets to keep extras like soaps, toilet paper, and cleaning products off the floor and easily accessible.

+ Fold - sometimes refolding is all that's necessary to spruce up a disheveled looking closet. This tip for folding fitted sheets has changed my life (nerd alert!).

Enjoy your new & improved linen closets!

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