The Perfect Plates

{via West Elm}
Although I lived in an apartment for a year in Stamford, CT before moving to NYC, I always felt that the space was just this transitional place, and never bothered with putting any roots down or trying to really make the apartment feel homey. At the time I was also still a full-time student, so without a steady income it was hard to justify spending money on furniture or accessories.

Since moving to NYC, my roommate and I have slowly been replacing hand-me-down furniture and mismatched dishware, to create what feels like a real home. And what feels more like home than a good home-cooked meal on some fab matching dishes? We have a variety of mixed dish sets that are pretty much on their last leg (which is ok, since they were given to us fo' free). But when I popped in to West Elm last weekend and saw their dishwares on sale, I couldn't help myself. These Mick Haigh Bowls didn't come with matching dishes, but for $4.95 each, who could pass them up? What's up next for our kitchen? Something like these might be nice....

01. for rough mornings
02. for everyday

03. for entertaining
04. just for fun!


I really MUST HAVE the kate spade daschunds!! Bon Appetit!

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