Monday To-Do's

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Oooh boy. Another cold, rainy Monday. Spring sure is taking it's sweet time this year. Here's what will be keeping me busy this week while I patiently wait for some sunshine...
+ Trying some natural cleaning products. I've been reading a lot about the use of vinegar as a natural household cleaner. Today I picked up a big container of the stuff to give it a try. I'm especially excited for this microwave cleaning tip. Ours sure does need it.

+ Using my new body scrub. After a much needed shopping trip on Saturday, I was lured into this little shop in Soho specializing in products using Dead Sea minerals. After trying out the body scrub at the in-store demonstration, I was hooked. Can't wait to get the full-body effect!

+ Reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I downloaded this to my kindle last night and can't wait to get into it. In her first book, the Facebook COO discusses the challenges women face in today's workplaces. I'm only a few chapters in and Sheryl's perspective and advice is already proving to be very valuable. Will be sure to check back in when I'm finished!

+ Dying Easter eggs! I've got to find a night to dye some Easter eggs before we head home for the holiday. I'm sure mine will pale in comparison, but aren't these pretty?

Here's to a WARM, SUNNY week! (Please?)

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