A Well Made Bed

I may have been in the military in a past life. I say this because I'm sure you could bounce a quarter off my bed after it's been made. My oldest friends can attest that this mild obsession with a perfectly-made bed dates back pretty early into my childhood. As a kid, I never wanted anyone to sit on my bed after I had arranged all my pillows and stuffed animals juuuuuuuust so. Well, it's carried on into adult life, except now with pretty throw pillows and a nice fuzzy afghan.

There's something about making your bed in the morning that just makes the room seem that much cleaner. Maybe you've pulled out half of your closet in search of the right outfit or just haven't found the time to unpack your suitcase from last weekend's trip. I find if your bed is made, your space looks instantly pulled together. The bed is, after all, the focal point of the BEDroom. It should look good!
So, what makes a good looking bed? Here are the building blocks:

+ Mattress topper/foam padding- Depending on your mattress and preference, a topper can give you some extra support or a little more cushion.  There are several types to choose from as well. Memory Foam, Latex Foam, Down, Wool... Get the scoop on each kind here.

+ Sheets- Don't underestimate the luxury of a good pair of sheets! Bedding can get expensive (especially if you're lucky enough to be in a California King), but a good pair of sheets is worth the spend. Whether they're designer or department store brand, look for the highest thread count that's within your price range. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother the sheets will be. Material can also make a big difference.  Egyptian cotton or silk sheets will leave you feeling pampered, while cotton-blend and t-shirt will keep you plenty cozy and warm. Feel like helping out the planet while you're at it? The organic trend has hit textiles- sheets made with organic cotton are available at most retailers these days too.

+ Pillows- One of the biggest factors for a comfortable night's sleep is a great pillow. Like mattress toppers, a firm or soft pillow is a matter of personal preference. And, like mattress toppers, pillows come in a variety of materials. Make sure you get one with the support you need to avoid waking up with that dreaded stiff neck. Although I only sleep with two pillows, my bed has a total of five: the two I sleep with, two just for show with decorative shams, and one body pillow (about the length of two regular size pillows put together). Having several layers of pillows gives your bed some fullness and depth.

+ Comforter/Duvet- I'm a big fan of the big, fluffy down comforter. If you are too, make sure you get a good sturdy duvet to go with it. A light one for spring/summer and a heavier fabric for the colder months. The duvet cover is a must- those little feathers poking out drive me crazy!

+ Throw pillows- A couple of nice throw pillows put the finishing touches on any bed. Choose ones that complement your comforter and color scheme. Although these can get a little pricey, I have to admit that Gracious Home has the best selection of decorative pillows I've been able to find. You can find plenty of others at a lower price point in any department or home goods store, but it never hurts to look! ;)

+ Linen spray- Top off your freshly made bed with a spritz of linen spray.  These come in lots of soothing scents, and my favorite one to use is a vanilla & lavender scented spray by Bath & Body Works. Unfortunately, B&BW discontinued their line a while back, but Crabtree & Evelyn has a great one too.
Here are a couple of beautiful rooms whose beds almost look too good to sleep in! Sweet dreams!!

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