Williamsburg Flea DIY

Two Sundays ago, my roommate and I took a little field trip to a weekly event held at the East River Waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. An eclectic mix between flea market, antique sale, artisan market, and food truck tasting, the aptly named 'Smorgasbord' has something for everyone. The two of us hopped aboard the East River Ferry to check it out for ourselves. This wasn't my first time visiting the venue, but it was the first time I made a purchase. :)

For a while now, I've been in search of frames for four prints to hang above my bed. The prints are vintage Mademoiselle magazine covers that I cut out and saved from an old calendar. I was super excited when I saw the Condé Nast store selling a much more expensive version of the very same prints, and became determined to find the perfect frames. The project has been nagging at me for the last year while I searched for these perfect (read: perfectly inexpensive) frames. But what could be better than having four custom 'pieces of art' all for the price of one Barnes & Noble calendar? Nothing, I tell ya!

Almost as soon as we stepped off the ferry, one vendor's rustic mirrors, frames, and shelves caught my eye. And after literally a year of searching, I finally found four salvaged wood 11x14 frames that perfectly complement the vintage feel of the prints.  Recycled Relics uses all reclaimed materials to build beautiful home decorations. The frames I was lucky enough to scoop up are handcrafted from the salvaged wood of 1890's Northeast homes. Very cool! If you can't make it to their next Smorgasbord appearance, check out the other home accents available for sale on their Etsy page.

All it took to complete was some careful trimming to match the prints to the dimensions of the frames, and me hammering about 19 holes in the wall above my bed (which we will all pretend do not exist). I may be a perfectionist, but I am certainly not a carpenter. What do you think??
Winter, Spring, Summer
You can't even see all those other holes... right?
All four seasons :)
Here a couple more shots from our adventure across the river:
Leaving Manhattan on the NY Waterway
Who doesn't love a good Mason Jar?
Ordering up the Three Cheese Grilled Cheese (Aged Gruyere, Aged NY State Cheddar and Wisconsin Blue with Caramelized Granny Smith Apples on Blue Ribbon Bakery Pullman) from The Milk Truck for lunch - can we say, YUM?!
"Little Gardens". I LOVED these!
Some other treasures...
Great gift for your favorite Wine-o
Salvaged tin mirrors from Recycled Relics
More reclaimed wood framed prints by Recycled Relics

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