Gobble Gobble!

I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons. I love that it's the kickoff to the holiday season, and that all the excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas starts now. I especially love that it brings your family together to celebrate nothing but food and each other's company. And of course I love the leftovers! Our family always celebrates at my parent's house, so I really look forward to coming home and helping with all the preparation. Once the whole family gets here, it's a loud, food-filled day from start to finish.

I'll be confined to the couch today, doing some internet shopping (definitely not crazy enough to brave the Black Friday crowds) so I thought I'd leave you with some great Thanksgiving table settings- because it's not too early to start thinking about next Thanksgiving, right?

Simple idea for silverware
Williams Sonoma
via Pinterest

via Pinterest
Martha Stewart

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