What's your LIFE-style?

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Last weekend, as I wandered through the Lord and Taylor Home Goods department, something sparkly caught my eye. It was the kate spade new york display featuring gorgeous bedding, bathroom, tabletop, & home accessories. Having several L&T coupons to burn, it was a no-brainer that I was walking out of here with something. The winner was this great beaded pillow. It's been a great addition to my bedroom! Later, in Handbags & Accessories, I took home a new kate spade new york iPhone cover as well :). Kate seems to be everywhere these days, including a couple of my favorite daily reads, A Piece of Toast and Design Darling! She's just got something for everyone.

It got me thinking...
...about how so many brands these days cover the full spectrum of products: from apparel to accessories to home decor to technology products. It seems that so many companies are striving to create a 'lifestyle' brand; a brand that has successfully extended beyond its original product category. The goal is to create products that service every aspect of the customer's life, creating a consistent presence throughout their day-to-day activities. Everyone, it seems, wants to be a one-stop-shop. Even in the blogging world, what we know as 'lifestyle blogs' usually evolve from a categorical food or fashion blog, to include commentary on products, books, trends, and anything else that sparks the writer's daily life! But, can everything really be diversified and done well, or are we spreading ourselves too thin? Whatever happened to the 'niche'? Should we be focusing more on one thing instead of every thing?  

For a someone like myself, starting a new blog, it helps to have some focus. I chose organization and interiors because I enjoy both and want to become an expert in the products, trends, and solutions of the industries. But I also want to use this as a place to talk about all the things that interest me and that I think you'll enjoy reading about. So if you catch me now and then talking about some new recipe or a great night out with friends, be patient with me! I'm still figuring out what I want out of this and there's certainly something to this 'lifestyle' trend that's worth exploring... Heck, I'll take all the kate spade I can get!!


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