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As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I get a hankering to do some pinning the old fashioned way. The blank wall above my vanity has been begging to be put to use as a space to hang photos, inspiration, and mementos. I was surprised how pricey a decent looking pin board can be, and I really didn't want to spend close to $90 for something 'brand name'. I also didn't want to settle for one of those boring old brown ones.

I think we know where this is going...DIY Project! For less than half the cost of the pottery barn version I'd been drooling over, I put together my own custom-made linen pin board. The project was super easy and you can find nearly all the supplies at your local hardware store. My only 'splurge' here was for fabric, but it was still a great deal. Baranzelli Fabric, just a few blocks from my apartment, was cleaning house in preparation for their relocation to Tribeca. They were looking to clear out as much inventory as possible, so there were tons of good quality fabrics and prints to choose from. I went in thinking I'd go with something solid, but ended up falling in love with a great graphic pattern instead. I was able to score almost five yards of it for 30% off the price of one! Alright, so I've got a lot left over... maybe some custom throw pillows are in the works? The fabric was definitely worth the price, because the board looks great!
Follow these {easy} step by step instructions to make one of your own....


+ 18x24" (or size of your choice) Canvas Board
+ Cork roll
+ Fabric of your choice
+ Upholstery nails
+ Staple gun (No need for the heavy duty kind. You can pick up an upholstery gun at Home Depot for about $10).


+ Start by fastening the edges of the cork to the board using the staple gun. I bought two rolls of cork that were 12x24" so there was very little cutting necessary to match the size of my canvas. I started out using glue, but it proved too messy, and didn't stick as well as I'd hoped... Go with the staples!

+ Cut your fabric to size and staple in place. Add 3 or 4 inches to each side to make sure you have enough to wrap around to the back of the board.

+ Add upholstery nails (you'll need to hammer these babies in) to decorate as you like. Instead of lining the entire board, I chose to only stud the corners- what do you think?

Finally finished!
Just a few of the many fabrics at Baranzelli.
A couple more - I wandered around for a good half hour before I was able to choose!
Happy pinning!


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