Monday To-Dos

Today begins the first neat n' tidy series: Monday To-Dos! My post from Saturday just got me all revved up about to-do lists, I guess. From now on, I'd like to start the week with a list of to-dos. Some practical, some theoretical, just whatever I feel needs doing in my life at the moment. This week the big ones are:

+ Get started writing Christmas Cards. First, it would be helpful to stop by Crane & Co. and pick out some that will appropriately spread the holiday cheer :).

+ Take advantage of the 15% off Pottery Barn sale (ends this Wednesday, 12/5). I'm in the market for a new set of sheets, and that Pottery Barn gift card won't spend itself.

+  Try a new recipe. Last Spring I was so on top of this; I was trying something new & healthy every week. I've got to get back into it!

+ Reorganize my dresser drawers. I swear, this is the hardest thing for me to keep looking organized. Time to weed out what's not getting worn and get down to folding.

Have a great week!! 


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