Wolfpack Christmas!

I had so been looking forward to our friends' (loving dubbed by one of our dads as 'The Wolfpack') annual Christmas dinner this year. Friday night was the perfect way to start my Christmas vacation: surrounded by friends, good food, and lots & lots of wine.

This is the second year in a row we've all made sure to set aside a night to be together before the crazy week of holiday and family obligations. Although the tradition is about being together, and not giving gifts, we decided to add a little grab bag to the fun this year: each of us brought an Essie nail polish and swapped :).

For a little DIY touch, I made party favors for everyone to take home. Check them out after the jump..

Party favors + some of the Essie grab bag
Cookie Cutter Party Favors
+ Card stock
+ Cookie cutters
+ Ribbon

This is a simple one, guys. Using some old Christmas thank yous as my card stock, I wrote a different cookie recipe on each and attached them to a Christmas cookie cutter with some festive ribbon. Voila! Doesn't get easier than that.

There are only two more days till Christmas and I still have gifts to wrap--not counting my Dad's, which he always enlists me to wrap once I get home--and errands to run. After all this holiday craziness is over, I have a couple of posts lined up (and finally some time to sit down and write them) to get this thing back on track and into the new year. Till then, wishing everyone a merry, merry Christmas!!


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