Remember when I mentioned that our apartment could use a few upgrades? Well, they've arrived!

This past week, we got ourselves a new dining table & chairs and a console table for underneath the television (pictures soon to follow!). We desperately needed both and have been shopping around for some time to find ones that would be a good match for our place. As I've said before, our apartment is pretty cozy, so we are somewhat limited in the size of furniture we bring into the apartment. We can't have anything too oversized, and what we do purchase needs to be functional.

I love the way both pieces turned out! It's so nice to have some more shelf space, and a new surface for some decorative items; our old dining table was so tiny and wobbly it was hard to sit and really enjoy a meal. Since the new addition, though, we've eaten at the table every night! What's next on the list? Read on to see.....

A new coffee table. I'm really into the lucite coffee table trend. They are so versatile and, in my opinion, very chic! I'm on the hunt for a truly affordable one. Just look at how well it fits in with all these different styles (cue the Ooo's and Ahhh's):


Young & Casual


Right at home in a bright, cozy cottage

Can't wait for our next upgrade! :)

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