Monday To-Dos

Here we are, Monday morning again. Time for a fresh cup of coffee and a fresh list of to-dos. This week I need to...

+ wrap Christmas gifts. With the exception of one or two still in transit, I am finished with my Christmas shopping! Time to be a good little elf and get wrapping.

+ choose the entree for our annual Friends Holiday Party. My roommate and I have made a little tradition of hosting our friends for a potluck dinner before we all head home for the holidays. We prepare the main course, and everyone else pitches in with apps, sides, and dessert. This year, we're doing a fun grab bag too. More details later this week!

+ pack a bag for a week at home with my family. It'll be a quick pit stop in NJ before we're off to Maryland for a few days spent at my brother's. With three kids all under the age of 7, it's the best place to spend Christmas. Seeing their excitement and anticipation for Santa Claus is so much fun.

+ keep remembering to be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life this holiday season.

8 days till Christmas!


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