Dress Like you Decorate

I once heard someone say that people should dress like they decorate. For me, this piece of advice really rings true. Recently, I went shopping with a friend who told me that if I reached for another oatmeal colored sweater she was going to scream. So I'm a girl who likes neutrals! So, sue me! Oatmeal colored sweaters are timeless! Right?

Well, timeless or not, the same logic applies to my decorating aesthetic: I tend to gravitate toward light, neutral palates-something about them just seems so fresh and clean-and then layer in some fun accessories or trendy pieces. I took a look at some of my Pinterest boards, and what do ya know- much of the same. Here are some rooms that bear a striking resemblance to a few choice items from my own wardrobe. Enjoy!
+ Classic stripes on a casual tshirt are just as inviting in the living room

 + Snuggle up in a cozy cable knit sweater or under a comfy cable knit throw

+ This necklace & chandelier both make an elegant statement

+ Finally, a pop of salmon mixed with neutrals brightens up an entryway & a springtime outfit

So before you reach for your next fashion magazine, take a look around. You might be surprised by the inspiration in your own home..

{All photos via Pinterest & Houzz}


  1. I like that "dress like you decorate" or the opposite — decorate like you dress.

    1. Thanks, Meg-- very true, it works both ways!

      Looking forward to the launch of The B Bar :)