Ready, Set,....


Do you ever feel like you're most organized when you are the busiest? I know I do. I just had a super productive night, and it's been a suuuuuper busy week so far. But somehow, the packed schedule is more energizing than draining. When your free time is limited, you do everything you can to maximize it. So not only do you move seamlessly from one task to the next, you inadvertently free up more time for other tasks later. What a wonderfully vicious cycle!

I've recently been tasked with a lot more responsibility at work, just as we hit our busiest time of the year- tax season [did I ever mention I am an accountant?]. It's gotten me super focused when I'm there, since I'll be working with too many important clients to afford any big-time flubs. Although there's a lot of hard work ahead, I feel good going into our busy season knowing that I'm on top of my game and thoroughly organized.

Tell me, how do you get focused for a big project? And how much does being organized play into your success? Clearly, for me, it's on top of the list. :)


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