Going Pro

Although I don't like to admit--oh, who am I kidding?-- I am a SUCKER for reality television. Just like most Americans, a good healthy dose of reality TV takes me from singin' the blues to thanking my lucky little stars that I don't live in McIntyre, Georgia [that's where Honey Boo Boo's from, y'all]. If I reallyyyy put my mind to it, I'm sure I could name a reality show on every TV network, but I digress...

Last night, the new season of The Bachelor aired on ABC. I only jumped onto the Bachelor bandwagon recently, but I couldn't help but notice "AshLee F.", a personal organizer from Houston, TX.....

AshLee, from one Ashley to another, let me just say: you've got my dream job! The Professional Organizing business seems to be booming these days. Deals for Professional Organizing have been popping up all over online marketplaces like Groupon, Google Offers, and Living Social. Just this week, Bring in an Expert, part of Apartment Therapy's January Cure series, highlighted some of the industry's best to hire on the East and West coasts.

Somewhere in the middle, the girls of the Neat Method are doing the same in Chicago (and San Fran, too!). In all honesty, stumbling onto the Neat Method is the number one reason I began writing this blog. I'd been kicking around ideas for how to make my love of organizing a full-time gig but wasn't sure my friends or family would take me seriously. When I saw Ashley* & Molly's website, business model, & blog I thought: Wow, this really IS an achievable dream for me!

One day, I'll join the ranks of pro organizers and leave the comfort of a 9-5. Until that day comes, I'll continue on with the neat n' tidy life. We all start somewhere!


*Is there something with this name, or what?


  1. I don't watch very much reality television but I have to admit that I never miss an episode of Dance Moms.

    I could definitely use a professional organizer to tackle my closet.