Monday To-Dos

It's time to really get back to the grind this week. After being out of the office for close to three weeks (first for the holiday break and then down to Orlando for a firm-wide training session), I have a feeling it's going to be a very busy few days. Better get that To-Do list going before things get crazy! This week I need to...

+ Finish up a DIY project/post that's been hanging around for a while. It's a pretty one!

+ Find a great pair of bookends for the new bookshelf I recently installed above my bedroom door. Perhaps something like these?

+ Get my run on. I was spoiled by the great Orlando weather last week and was able to run everyday before classes. I'll need to brave the cold and bundle up now that I'm back in NYC. 

+ Make headway on the plans for a certain party I'm in charge of planning. But that's all I can say-- it's a surprise!!

Have a great week ladies + gents!

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